Sustainable Public Procurement


Sustainable public procurement is a tool which allows governments to leverage public spending (between 15 to 25 % of GDP) in order to promote the country’s social, environmental and economic policies. SPP contributes to create markets for appropriate technologies and innovative solutions.

The United Nations Environment Programme has been for a long time a supporter of Sustainable Public Procurement by:

  • Facilitating global consensus on the integration of sustainable development considerations in procurement at all levels (UN; national governments and local authorities);
  • Fostering information exchange to have a wide number of organizations to benefit from the experience of the forerunners;
  • Providing practical tools for capacity building to translate sustainable procurement policies in a reality.

UNEP’s commitment in this field has led to partnerships with various organizations such as the World Bank, the International Training Center of the International Labor Organization, the League of Arab States and the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives. With these partners we have organized awareness raising events and training workshops in locations such as Ghana, Morocco, Tunisia, Costa Rica, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Italy.



- (28/08/2012) EcoProcura 2012, 19-21 September 2012, Malmö, Sweden - The EcoProcura 2012 conference will address the question of “Opportunities to deliver sustainable procurement and innovation”. The eighth edition of the EcoProcura conference series will bring together procurers from all levels of government, policy-makers, suppliers, manufacturers, multipliers and representatives from the European Commission and European Parliament.
For more information please visit the conference Website:

- (21/06/2012) New Global Sustainable Public Procurement Initiative Harnesses Power of Public Spending to Fast-track Green Economy Transition - click here to access press release

- (18/06/2012) Sustainable Public Procurement – Knowledge Management Centre (coming soon) – click here for a preview

- (18/06/2012) Rio+20 Side Event: Delivering sustainable development and enabling the transition to the green economy through sustainable public procurement: Launch of the International Sustainable Public Procurement Initiative (SPPI) – click here for details

- (18/06/2012) Study on the Impacts of Sustainable Public Procurement on Sustainable Development

- (18/06/2012) Sustainable Public Procurement Implementation Guidelines: Introducing UNEP's Approach

- (18/06/2012) To access more resources, please visit of Documents and Resources page


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