Implementing Sustainable Public Procurement

Capacity Building for Sustainable Public Procurement in Developing Countries


In December 2008 the Swiss government and the United Nations Environment Programme established a partnership to implement the Marrakech Task Force Approach on Sustainable Public Procurement in up to 14 countries worldwide. As a result, a project entitled "Capacity building for Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) in developing countries" was launched in January 2009 with the support of the European Commission, the Francophone Organization and the Swiss Government. The project is targeting the following pilot countries: Costa Rica, Tunisia, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Lebanon and Mauritius.


The project promotes capacity building and provides support for the development of Sustainable Public Procurement policies in developing countries. Selected pilot countries are expected to test the approach on Sustainable Public Procurement developed by the Marrakech Task Force. The lessons learned from the project will serve to improve the Approach and raise awareness on Sustainable Public Procurement. A report containing policy conclusions and recommendations will be presented to the Commission for Sustainable Development final session dedicated to Sustainable Consumption and Production (2011).


In order to reach the above mentioned objectives, a series of trainings sessions are taking place in various regions of the world to ensure the creation of a pool of qualified experts able to provide assistance to governments wishing to engage in SPP. Additionally, the project foresees a number of supporting activities aimed at providing assistance to the six project countries for the development of a national Sustainable Public Procurement policy and related implementation plan. The monitoring of this plan will be done by international experts selected by United Nations Environment Programme in collaboration with the Marrakech Task Force.

Results to date

In 2009, the project focused its activities on the building of human and institutional capacities. 120 experts from 48 countries (including pilot project managers) were trained on SPP and on the MTF Approach to SPP during 5 training sessions held in Asia, Europe, South America and Africa.

Meanwhile, National focal points (usually the Public procurement authorities or Ministries of Environment) and multi-stakeholders steering committees were set up in the 7 pilot countries (Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Lebanon, Mauritius, Tunisia, Uruguay).

Since 2010, most pilot countries have started rolling out the MTF Approach to SPP, completing the status assessments and tackling the legal reviews, market readiness analysis and SPP policy plans.

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