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Tourism and Local Agenda 21: The Role of Local Authorities in Sustainable Tourism

This Study looks at how tourism has been taken into account in local Agendas 21, as drawn up and implemented by local authorities. As local authorities face the impacts of tourism development, the Agenda 21 planning framework is useful to define strategic goals for all stakeholders, and to effectively use tourism to achieve a community's main goals.

It is based on a study of the hands-on experience gained by 5 European local communities involved to varying degrees in tourist activity, and having adopted a local Agenda 21 approach.

It endeavours to identify:

  • The position of tourism within Agenda 21 at the local level;
  • The utility of the LA 21 process in dealing with problems posed by tourism in destinations and in defining a tourism strategy;
  • The possible limits to this approach as far as tourism is concerned;
  • Recommendations for improving the way in which specific tourism-related aspects are taken on board in local Agenda 21 processes.

A coherent collection of case studies of the implementation of Local Agenda 21 structures and processes in many destinations, it highlights lessons learned, and compares various situations ranging from developing to established municipalities and regions, in continental and island settings.

Language: English
Publication date: 2003
Programme: Tourism | Urban Issues
ISBN: 92-807-2267-0
Pages: 60