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Making Tourism More Sustainable: A Guide for Policy Makers

Tourism is a major economic force whose development can have a fundamental impact on societies and the environment, both positive and negative. Integration of sustainability into tourism policies is the fundamental step towards the development of a sound and long lasting tourism industry. Many international declarations and guidelines have proved to be effective instruments for setting an agenda of what needs to be done.

To support the integration of sustainability into tourism policies, UNEP and the World Tourism Organization have conducted a two years research on approaches and tools for the development and implementation of sustainable tourism policies that have demonstrated to be effective in practice. The research addressed the development and the implementation of sustainable tourism policies, strategies and tools to create the appropriate environment for the development of sustainable tourism activities. The results are presented in 'Making Tourism More Sustainable: A Guide for Policy Makers'.

The Guide presents a comprehensive set of instruments for governments, ranging from planning regulations to economic instruments and the application of certification and indicators, and it sets out 12 aims for sustainable tourism and their implications for policy, and describes the collaborative structures and strategies that are needed at a national and local level. It also identifies ways to influence the development and operation of tourism enterprises and the activities of tourists. The Guide, developed with the contribution of many experts from the field, is illustrated by numerous examples and case studies across the world.

Publication also available in French & Spanish.

Language: English
Publication date: August 2005
Programme: Tourism
ISBN: 92 807 2507 6
Pages: 222