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Integrating Sustainability into Business: An Implementation Guide for Responsible Tourism Coordinators

The effective integration of responsible environmental, social and socio-economic practices and principles into the day-to-day operations of a tourism company is a challenge that needs to be addressed with a coherent and integrated approach. The sustainability issues are many, and solutions can be very different depending on the situation.

This manual aims at providing an overview of the many practices that have been explored by members of the Tour Operators' Initiative. This network of tour operators is committed to sustainable development and supported by UNEP, UNESCO and the World Tourism Organization.

The manual consists of two volumes. The 'Implementation Guide for Responsible Tourism Coordinators' is designed to help the individual in charge for promoting responsible tourism within a company to determine both what needs to be changed and how to facilitate those changes.
The 'Management Guide for Responsible Tour Operations' is designed to provide an overview of best practices in the business areas of a tour operator, including product development and management, supply chain and internal management, customer relations, and external cooperation.

Language: English
Publication date: August 2005
Programme: Tourism
ISBN: 92-807-2583-1
Pages: 55