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Talk the Walk: Advancing Sustainable Lifestyles through Marketing and Communication

This publication aims to provide some elements of response to questions frequently raised by the business community, including:

  • Can corporate marketing foster sustainable consumption?

  • Is there a strong business case?

  • What are the key factors for successful marketing strategies and communication campaigns in that field?

Highlights from the text include:

  • Summary of existing research on consumers' attitudes towards green products

  • Analysis of various marketing strategies and campaigns from pioneers companies and mainstream groups in sectors like clothing, cosmetics, food retail, automotive, etc.

  • Key tips to communicate effectively and a practical toolbox for practitioners

  • Resources: online interactive index of publications and TV/print ads for further reference (to be available soon)

This publication has been produced by UNEP, the Global Compact Office and Utopies (a French consultancy firm specialized in sustainable development strategies).

Download the interactive report (5,6 MB)

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Language: English
Publication date: 2005
Programme: Consumption | Communications
ISBN: 92-807-2658-7
Pages: 52