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Design for Sustainability: A Practical Approach for Developing Economies

Design for Sustainability (D4S), improving products while taking environmental and social concerns as key strategic elements into consideration, is one of the most useful innovation approaches available to entreprises today.

In developing economies, due to limited awareness and experience, immediate technical capacity building is needed to introduce D4S. This practical approach can help intermediaries that work with SMEs and the companies they partner with, execute a D4S project.

This publication describes what D4S is and what might motivate companies to adopt it. The backbone of the publication is composed of the three practical, step-by-step approaches to execute a D4S project: needs assessment, redesign and benchmarking. Clear reference information and case studies that can support the project are also provided.

Language: English
Publication date: November 2006
Programme: Cleaner Production | Management Systems and Tools | Product
ISBN: 92-807-2712-5
Pages: 130