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Environmental Agreements and Cleaner Production: Questions and Answers

This booklet summarises basic questions and answers on how the preventive environmental management strategy - cleaner production – can be applied to assist in the implementation of environmental agreements.

The information presented within focuses on the Kyoto Protocol and its Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and targets the needs of UNIDO UNEP National Cleaner Production Centres – who work with industries to build environmental capacity in developing countries throughout the world. It is also relevant to other similar types of organizations such as industry associations, consultants, NGOs or academic institutions who work with companies on environmental issues.

The booklet also provides country case studies undertaken by the centres that highlight the interface between cleaner production and environmental agreements. Some of the resources used in the preparation of this booklet are listed in section "Where to go for more information".

This publication is also available in Spanish.

Language: English
Publication date: December 2006
Programme: Cleaner Production
ISBN: 92-807-2717-6
Pages: 28