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Towards Triple Impact - Toolbox for Analysing Sustainable Ventures in Developing Countries

Sustainable ventures can make a significant contribution to poverty alleviation and environmental sustainability. These business initiatives and activities improve human well-being and the environment on a profitable basis (people, planet, profit), contributing to decoupling economic growth and improvements in well-being from natural resource use.

Developing and managing sustainable ventures is a challenge. Key questions related to the identification of opportunities, the understanding of the determinants of success and the assessment of costs and benefits appear repeatedly.

This document introduces a toolbox that helps to answer such questions. It addresses initiatives that support sustainable ventures including donor programmes, award schemes, private and public investors, professional education programs and policy makers. They can use the tools to systematically identify, evaluate, advise, and promote sustainable ventures.

Language: English
Publication date: 2009
Programme: Poverty | Marrakech Process
Pages: 68