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Climate Friendly Buildings and Offices - A Practical Guide

The first assessment of the United Nations (UN) systemís carbon footprint was published in December 2009. A breakdown of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions revealed that about 40 per cent of emissions come from operating the buildings and offices, which the UN maintains in more than 530 locations worldwide. The majority of these are leased or rented and are often managed and maintained by the UN.

However, as ownership belongs to other parties, typically the opportunities for major renovations and investments are limited. Acknowledging that in most instances the office space is leased, this Climate Friendly Buildings and Offices: A Practical Guide provides practical advice on what can be done to reduce GHG emissions under these circumstances, and how these opportunities can be identified and assessed.

The Guide focuses on GHG emission reduction opportunities from existing offices, and therefore on energy efficiency and conservation.

Language: English
Publication date: May 2010
Programme: SUN |
Pages: 137