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The Business Case for the Green Economy - Sustainable Return on Investment

Environmental stresses are increasingly affecting the financial bottom line of companies all over the world. It makes sense that as we switch to a more resource efficient and Green Economy - one in which economic growth, social equity and human development go hand-in-hand with environmental security - business and industry will be a key driving force. From corner stores, to medium-sized enterprises and international conglomerates, there needs to be an understanding that nature provides us with valuable resources and services that must be accounted for, and that it is only by safeguarding these resources and services that we can improve our own livelihoods and those of future generations.

This publication makes the business case showing the tremendous opportunities that companies from both developed and developing economies worldwide can capitalize on by transitioning to a more resource efficient Green Economy. The Business Case for the Green Economy is primarily targeted at a corporate audience, with recommendations for policy makers. Business has long been a leader of change - with its ability to innovate, conceptualize and develop solutions in the form of new products and services - and has a crucial role to play in the transition.

This publication complements and extends ongoing work on the future resource efficient and Green Economy.

Language: English
Publication date: June 2012
Programme: Business | CSR | Engaging Stakeholders
Pages: 39