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Protégeons notre Planète sur les Conseils de la Famille Durable

Through a selection of examples and practical tips, this publication aims to prompt citizens/consumers to change their consumption habits at home, school, work and during vacation in order to help preserve our environment.

This 15 page "user-friendly" guide has been developed in co-operation with UNEP by the French journalist, Alain Chauveau, and by O2 France, an agency specialised in eco-design and sustainable development, under the patronage of the French Secretariat for Sustainable Development and with the support of the Association of Detergent Industries, Carrefour and La Poste.

The publication is divided into five sections introducing the activities of the "Sustainable Family" in the morning (breakfast, shower, transports), throughout the day (at school, in the office), and in the evening, as well as during week-ends and holidays. A selection of striking figures related to specific environmental issues (water, waste, energy, noise, etc.) are highlighted on each page and accompanied by some suggestions to help reduce our environmental impact in different fields.

The launch has been organised during the French Week on Sustainable Development and the guide will be distributed in France notably through Carrefour supermarkets and post offices. Moreover a website specifically developed in addition to the guide provides further information on the issues raised in the publication.

Language: French
Publication date: June 2003
Programme: Communications
Pages: 16