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Marketing Sustainable Tourism Products

The United Nations Environment Programme and the Region of Tuscany have joined forces to better understand the barriers that prevent demand and supply for sustainable tourism services from meeting, the main challenges for the promotion and distribution of services that claim to be 'sustainable', and the role that 'tourism distribution channels' could play in strengthening the demand/supply link for sustainable tourism products.

The workshop on Marketing sustainable tourism products: challenges and opportunities was convened in Florence, Italy on 5th November 2004 during the 4th Euromeeting: European Regions, Tourism and Sustainable Development which is organised annually by the Region of Tuscany in collaboration with the Committee of the Regions of the European Union.

Key representatives of the identified 'distribution tools' were invited to share their perspectives on what could be their role in supporting wider distribution of 'sustainable tourism suppliers'. Representatives of the most traditional distribution channels in the tourism industry such as travel guides, tourism fairs, internet agents, tour operators, as well as consumer associations for their potential role in mobilising large number of consumers towards better products were also involved.

This report summarises the rich and inspiring contributions made by these experts.

Language: English
Publication date: 2005
Programme: Tourism
Pages: 40