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Status Report for Cleaner Production in Latin America and Caribbean

This Status Report on Cleaner Production in Latin America and the Caribbean Region is an example of one effort to support and strengthen the regional cleaner production network. The report presents highlights of successes and challenges of cleaner production implementation. It can be useful to governments, industry, non-governmental organisations and other stakeholders engaged in implementing cleaner production. The aim of the report is to encourage continued regional co-ordination and cooperation, and to learn from the experience of others in the region. It thus serves as a means for regional and global information sharing and exchange.

The report provides a brief overview of the status of cleaner production in the region. It gives a general description of regional cleaner production activities, followed by highlights of successful initiatives and major barriers to cleaner production implementation. A review on a country-by-country basis in the region (16 in total) is also presented.

Language: English
Publication date: 2002
Programme: Cleaner Production
ISBN: 92-807-1821-5
Pages: 76