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The Efficient Entrepreneur Calendar: Assistant

The Efficient Entrepreneur Calendar and Handbook Assistant provides practical guidance and advice for SMEs over a twelve month program by determining “what” will be achieved and “why” improving performance will enhance value for SMEs and how to establish and organise an environmental project in a company.

This calendar guides businesses through a programme that simultaneously saves money, increases efficiency, and reduces environmental impacts. In combination with the additional handbool (The Efficient Entrepreneur Assistant), the Calendar provides assistance and guidance on how to measure and improve environmental performance and stakeholder relations in seven areas. On the basis of "You can´t manage what you can´t measure" it introduces performance measures that are easy to assess and evaluate. The calendar charts a "month-by-month" programme that ends with a simple Efficient Entrepreneur report.

This publication is also available in French.

Language: English
Publication date: 2001
Programme: Business | Cleaner Production
Pages: 81