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How to Establish and Operate a Cleaner Production Centre

The on-line version of this manual is broken into 4 parts:

1. the Guidance Manual
2. the Training Manual
3. Trainers' Resources
4. Internet Links

Guidance Manual

This Guidance Manual is intended not only to provide a comprehensive account of all the planning that goes into setting up a new Cleaner Production Centre, but also the broader and finer points that are necessary for successful operation of such an institution. In essence, the Guidance Manual provides a platform for capacity building for new as well as existing Cleaner Production Centres.

Training Manual

This Training Manual closely follows the structure of the Guidance Manual, which may be used as a reference during training sessions. The Training Manual includes:

  • Instructive Presentations in the form of PowerPoint slides,
  • Key Questions capable of encouraging participation and stimulating discussion amongst participants, and
  • Three challenging case studies to be solved through group-work.

Trainers' Resources

The Resources for Trainers includes a typical training schedule, and the solutions to the case study work.
Internet Links

Over 100 internet links cover a broad range of both web sites and documents (pdf) with information on various sector and country reports, technology case studies, additional training materials, tools, finance, strategies and policies.

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Language: English
Publication date: June 2004
Programme: Cleaner Production
Pages: 231