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UNEP/UNESCO youthXchange Training Kit on Sustainable Consumption: Towards Sustainable Lifestyles (Korean version)

What is UNEP UNESCO youthXchange?
YouthXchange is a train the trainer tool that aims to promote sustainable consumption patterns among young consumers worldwide. The kit provides statistics, case studies, games, examples of real companies going more sustainable, and direction on how explain sustainable lifestyles to a young audience. The topics are tackled under youth-oriented headings: clothing, leisure, travels, underground culture, experiences of other young people etc.

The message
The fundamental message the youthXchange training kit delivers is: there is a trend worldwide that tries to make the world more sustainable also through consumer actions, change is possible through day to day actions and networks among people that are engaged locally and globally.

The target
This group is composed of youth - in both developed and developing countries - that have access to education, media, and internet; they are likely to shape attitudes, values and behaviour and the habits they develop now will influence the future consumption patterns. They are the future decision makers.

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This publication is available in: Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, English, Flemish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Mexican, Norwegian, Portuguese, Slovenian, and Spanish.

Website ISSN: 92-807-2569-6

Language: Korean
Publication date: 2005
Programme: Consumption | Youth
Pages: 74