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Visions for Change - Recommendations for Effective Policies on Sustainable Lifestyles: Country Papers

Visions for Change is a publication aimed at providing recommendations to develop efficient sustainable lifestyles policies and initiatives based on the results of the Global Survey on Sustainable Lifestyles (GSSL) to policy-makers and all relevant stakeholders.

Visions for Change contains cross-country conclusions and recommendations as well as 16 country papers in electronic format (CD-ROM), presenting the results of the GSSL country by country. These country papers, submitted by UNEP and reviewed by the GSSL expert group, provide insight into country-specific conditions, culture, economic development and other factors affecting lifestyles.

GSSL respondentsí quotes have been included in the country papers as a means of putting young adultsí voices in light and to further illustrate the main conclusions of the survey.

Language: English
Publication date: February 2011
Programme: Education | Marrakech Process
Pages: 116