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Kit de recursos para un Consumo y una Producción Sostenibles

The UNEP Resource Kit on Sustainable Consumption and Production was funded by the French Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development and developed in co-operation with Studio EKWO. It is composed of fact sheets on 12 different topics: Advertising, Ecodesign, Energies, Food, Housing, Leisure, Lifestyles, Mobility, NICT, Textiles, Tourism and Water.

The fact sheets aim at providing background information on a selection of themes by analysing the environmental and/or social impacts of related activities and featuring examples of good practices around the world. Moreover, they provide a selection of tips for individuals, companies and local authorities to put environmental principles into practice and offer a wide range of websites for further reading. They also highlight UNEP's specific activities related to each topic.

The Spanish version of the Resource Kit was produced by the Regional Activity Center for Cleaner Production of the UNEP Mediterranean Action Plan.

Language: Spanish
Publication date: 2008
Programme: Communications
Pages: 30