Pipeline Explosion in Nigeria

Volcanic Eruption in Indonesia

Chinese River Contamination due to Chemical Plant Explosion

Asian Tsunami Disaster

Iranian Gasoline Truck Tanker Blast

Ammonium Nitrate Train Station Explosion in North Korea

Iranian Train Explosion

Chinese Gas Well Blowout

Brazilian Toxic Spill

Prestige Accident in Spain

Ammonium Nitrate Explosion in Toulouse - France

Ammunitions Dump Explosion in Lagos - Nigeria

The APELL disasters section presents compelling evidence for the importance of effective disaster prevention and response planning. We present several categories of Technological disasters and Natural disasters, and also links to more information.

We have also compiled a database of disasters involving hazardous substances, some of these accidents have spurred the development of the APELL programme. The Disasters Database offers a view of accidents from 1970 to 1998. The database can be searched through a query disaster database or viewed by disaster category, by location, or by date.

In an effort to update our database and provide current information to our constituents and visitors, we ask that you inform us of any environmental disasters in your community. Please contact us if you any have relevant information.