The APELL Process



What are the benefits of implementing APELL?

APELL can be useful in any situation that requires joint planning by several parties to develop integrated and well understood response plans ready to be implemented should an accident occur.

The APELL process should bring benefits in at least three ways:

  • In reducing the likelihood of accidents and reducing their impacts. Even if risks are believed to be low, the consequences to a company of a major accident can be severe in physical, financial and reputational terms. APELL can help protect the company as well as the community;

  • In helping to build relationships between a company and the community which will be of benefit over the long term. Companies are becoming more transparent, proactive and responsive in their relationships with stakeholders. Emergency preparedness planning requires effective communication between all parties, which helps to build relationships based on common interest;

  • In assisting community awareness and understanding of the operation and its management which should generate the confidence, trust and support which companies need whether or not they experience an accident. These will be severely tested if there is a major accident, but if trust exists, the company will be better placed to communicate effectively in the case of an emergency as well as to recover more quickly from one.