The APELL Programme



Take a look at the latest Governing Council Decision on Environmental Emergencies acknowledging the APELL Programe

The APELL Programme is the formal effort by the United Nations Environment Programme and its partners to promote the APELL Process.

The activities of APELL have expanded into the area of natural disasters as reflected our contribution to the Kobe Conference and in the development of hazard specific and educational brochures.

The APELL programme has been developed in full cooperation with other partners in industry, NGO's, governments and other international organizations. In particular, direct support for the APELL programme has been received from: the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA), representing also numerous national associations.

UNEP's policies are governed by the decisions of its Governing Council that meets every 2 years to decide on the Environmental Policy for the following biennium. The last Governing Council Meeting took place in February 2001, in Nairobi, Kenya and requested UNEP to "establish a Strategic Framework and to support the implementation of measures of Emergency Prevention, Preparedness, Assessment, Response and Mitigation". The APELL Programme is an important tool to achieve these objectives. For further information, please take a look at the Decision 21/17: "Further improvement of environmental emergency prevention, preparedness, assessment, response and mitigation" of the 21st Session of the Governing Council Global Ministerial Environment Forum.

The APELL Programme produces technical reports and other materials to assist disaster prevention and response planning in vulnerable areas. The Programme also participates in seminars and workshops around the world with communities interested in implementing the APELL Process.

This section provides basic information on how the APELL Programme functions. The following information regarding the APELL Programme is also available:

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