Safer Production


The production and storage of chemicals are potentially hazardous activities, posing the risk of occurrence of accidents that may incur into a wide range of adverse effects. These may result from incidents such as industrial fires, explosions, and large spills or releases of chemicals into the environment, affecting both businesses and the public.

Additionally, it is very common for some industrial companies to operate in densely settled urban areas and often near public water supplies. Accidents spillages and leakages of chemicals, residues from clean-up and even out-of-date or spent process solutions very often find their way into the nearby drains and waterways, or end up poisoning residents adjacent to dumpsites.

On the other hand, although the vast majority of chemical loads reach their destinations safely, accidents can – and do – occur anywhere during transport, along roads, railways and inland waterways, passing through or close to communities. Transport accidents involving hazardous substances can have consequences extending far beyond the place of accident, and can affect many more people than those directly involved.

Finally, unsafe storage and handling of chemicals off-site by both dealers and end users – who more than often do not have the proper training or knowledge regarding the risks posed by products and used containers, have documented environmental and health consequences.