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Thematic Meeting on Terminal Phase-out Management Plan (TPMP) Implementation for the Ozone Officers Network for Western and Northern Africa (including refrigeration technicians)

Dates: 17-20 March 2008
Venue: Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Summary: The Thematic Meeting on TPMP Implementation for the Ozone Officers Network for Western and Northern Africa will be held back to back with the First Customs Enforcement Network Meeting from 18-19 March.

Participants will include Ozone Officers from the English-speaking and French-speaking African Networks, refrigeration technicians, customs officers, representatives from implementing agencies, bilateral partners and government officials from the Government of Burkina Faso.

Discussions in the Thematic Meeting will focus mainly on the status of preparation and implementation of TPMPs in Western and Northern Africa, the direction of the Montreal Protocol after 2010 and a thematic session for refrigeration technicians.

The Meeting on the Customs Enforcement Network will focus on the role of Customs Departments and the control and monitoring of ODS. This will include experiences of cooperation between National Ozone Units and Customs Departments.
Event type: meeting
Theme: Ozone protection
Organizer(s): UNEP, DTIE
Organizers type:
DTIE Branch in charge: OzonAction Branch
Contact: Mr Boubié Jérémy Bazye
Regional Network Coordinator (French Africa)
UNEP Regional Office for Africa (ROA)
Room A-118
PO Box 30552
Nairobi, Kenya
Telephone: (2542) 624281
Telefax: (2542) 623165
Mobile: (254) 733611288
Participants type: by invitation
Expected number of participants:
Status confirmed