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Enforcement Activities and Prosecution Statistics under the Waste Disposal Ordinance

Chart Licensed Chemical Waste Disposal FacilitiesEnforcement Activities and Prosecution Statistics under the Waste Disposal Ordinance

The Waste Disposal Ordinance provides for controls on the disposal of waste. It has been amended as required to bring new types of waste under control (see Legislation section in Waste Chapter for more details).

Chemical Waste

Producers of chemical waste have to be registered with the Environmental Protection Department, while waste collectors and disposal facilities have to be licensed. The movement of waste from its generation to its final disposal point is monitored by a trip ticket system, and 39 987 trip tickets were used in 2000.

Chart of Licensed Chemical Waste Collectors Chart of Registered Chemical Waste Producers

Livestock Waste

Under the Waste Disposal (Amendment) Ordinance effective on 1 July 1994, Livestock Waste Prohibition Areas were extended, and Restriction Areas were introduced. No new livestock farms are allowed in Restriction Areas, but existing livestock keeping activities can continue to operate. Since 1 July 1999, all treated livestock waste discharges have been required to meet a 50:50 standard [Biochemical Oxygen Demand (mg/L) : Suspended Solids (mg/L)]. About $946 million in financial aid has been paid to affected farmers to date. About 90% of livestock waste is now disposed of in an environmentally acceptable manner, as farmers have adopted appropriate livestock waste treatment and management measures.

Waste Disposal Ordinance (Livestock Waste Control) Prosecution Statistics for 2000
No.of Prosecutions
Fine Statistics (in HK$)  
Lowest 100

Image of Livestock Waste Prohibition, Restriction and Control Areas

Chart Prosecutions On Illegal Import And Export Of Waste In 2000Import and Export of Waste

The import and export of waste has been controlled through permits since 1 September 1996. Any import or export of waste requires a permit issued by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) unless the wastes are uncontaminated recyclables and intended for a genuine recycling or re-use purpose (see Legislation section of Waste Chapter for more details). In line with the Basel Convention, Hong Kong has banned any import of hazardous waste from developed countries since 28 December 1998.

In collaboration with the Customs and Excise Department, the EPD spot-checks waste consignments at various import and export control points to deter illegal shipments of wastes. A surveillance is also kept at the strategic landfills. In 2000, the EPD inspected over 200 shipments of waste which amounted to over 5 000 tonnes. Investigations were conducted on suspected offences and 26 prosecutions (25 for import and 1 for export) were completed in the same period.


Waste Import and Export Permit and Transit Consent Statistics for 2000
No. of permits issued : 2  
No. of new waste permit applications received : 2  
No. of shipments affected under permits : 9 (376 tonnes)
No. of transit consents issued : 6  
No. of transit notifications received : 6  
No. of shipments affected under transit consents : 17 (478 tonnes)


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