Capacity Building for Cleaner Production Centres

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This section of the UNEP Cleaner Production home page contains the materials provided in the Capacity Building for Cleaner Production Centres Training Packages.

Two packages were developed by UNEP DTIE with funding from the German organization InWEnt. The first package provides 'mature' Cleaner Production Centres with up-to-date information on new and upcoming issues relevant to their work areas. The second package offers an in-depth training on how to establish a Cleaner Production Centre. The first edition of each training package was published late in 2002.

To the left are links leading to the different training modules. The first three modules listed are components of the training package developed for 'mature' Cleaner Production Centres. The full titles of these modules are:

The last module listed at left contains the training module developed for new and up-coming Cleaner Production Centres, titled 'How to Establish and Operate a Cleaner Production Centre'.