Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP): Making the Connection

Training Package Contents

This page contains the background paper, overhead projections, group exercise, sample agenda, sample evaluation form and supplementary reading materials for the above training module.

Two-day Session on Integrating CP/SC (Spanish Translation)

Background Paper (pdf, 239k)

Overhead projections are structured as follows:
1. Session Introduction (ppt, 100k)
2. Global Context of Sustainable Consumption & Production (ppt, 827k)
3. Integrating Sustainable Consumption & Production (ppt, 584k)
>> Example: Integrating CP & SC - Costa Rican Experience (ppt, 794k)
4. Tools and Strategies for SCP (ppt, 2460k)
5. Group Exercise: Roles & Opportunities for CPCs in SCP (ppt, 686k)
>>Group Exercise supplementary note (pdf, 417k)

Sample Agenda (doc, 32k)
Sample Evaluation Form (doc, 42k)

Supplementary Materials

Additional Readings (in pdf format)
Integrating CP into Sustainability Strategies
SC & CP: Two Sides of the Same Coin
Making Sustainability Bite: Transforming Global Consumption Patterns
Changing Today's Consumption Patterns for Tomorrow's Human Development

Additional Resources (web links)
Global Status Report: Cleaner Production and Sustainable Consumption
UNEP Sustainable Consumption Website
State of the World 2004 Special Focus: The Consumer Society
(World Watch Institute, Press Release)