The Application of Environmental Technology Assessment

Training Package Contents

This page contains the background paper, working materials, overhead projections, and supplementary readings for the above training module.

Background Paper (pdf, 100k)
Information assisting an EnTA (pdf, 5k)
EnTA Online Guide (pdf, 88k)
Workbook (pdf, 50k)
Case Study Materials 1 & 2 (pdf, 100k, 15k)
Pre-training Questionnaire (pdf, 6k)

Overhead Projections 1 (Microsoft Powerpoint, 1100k)
Overhead Projections 2 (Microsoft Powerpoint, 700k)
Overhead Projections 3 (Microsoft Powerpoint, 1300k)
Overhead Projections 4 (Microsoft Powerpoint, 70k)

Blank Worksheets (Microsoft Excel, 139k)
Partially Completed Worksheets (Microsoft Excel, 155k)