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UNEP/DTIE web site: www.uneptie.org

UNEP/DTIE Cleaner Production: www.uneptie.org/cp

UNEP/DTIE Cleaner Production Financing: www.financingcp.org

United Nations Industrial Development Organisation: www.unido.org

Sustainable Alternatives Network (SANet): www.SustainableAlternatives.net

Cleaner Production related publications

"Cleaner Production: A Guide to sources of Information" The fourth edition of a popular resource which lists where and how to find organisations, publications, electronic resources, training courses, etc. on Cleaner Production. ISBN: 92-807-1696-4

"Financing Cleaner Production: A Study on Past Investment Practices" The results of the first phase of a UNEP project on strategies and mechanisms for promoting Cleaner Production investments in developing countries. ISBN: 92-807-1951-3

"International Declaration on Cleaner Production" The implementation guidelines for Declaration signatories offer over 300 activity suggestions meant to assist the implementation of the six Declaration principles. Three volumes. ISBN: Companies: 92-807-2094-5, Government: 92-807-2093-7, Facilitating org.: 92-807-9095-3.

All publications can be ordered online at www.earthprint.com

About UNEP's Division of Technology, Industry and Economics
The mission of UNEP DTIE is to help decision-makers in governments, local authorities, and industry develop and adopt policies and practices that:

- are cleaner and safer;

- make efficient use of natural resources;
- incorporate environmental costs; and
- reduce pollution and risks for humans and the environment.

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