"Cleaner Production is the continuous application of an integrated preventive environmental strategy to processes, products and services to increase overall efficiency and reduce risks to humans and the environment". Cleaner Production can be applied to processes used in any industry to products and to various services.

Prevention is better business than allowing inefficiency to result in losses. The Cleaner Production community knows and affirms this, but most sources of investment financing remain unaware or unconvinced. While Cleaner Production has made tremendous headway in the engineering community in the last ten years, financing remains one of the main constraints on its wider practice.

Within the framework of a global project 'Strategies and mechanisms for promoting cleaner production investments in developing countries', implemented in 1999-2002 UNEP DTIE, has developed and presented a series of awareness raising and training courses on Cleaner Production financing in five developing countries (Guatemala, Nicaragua, Tanzania, Vietnam and Zimbabwe), mainly meant for the industrial, financial and governmental sectors.

Based on the experience gained in adapting and delivering the courses, generic versions have been designed for use in other countries. This CD-ROM contains slides, exercices and handouts for two 1-day introductory courses and two 2-day skill development courses. "Checklist for action" and three short presentations to executives from financial institutions, businesses and the public sector are also included.

This CD-ROM can be used as a stand-alone reference tool by people who have attended already some of the UNEP courses or who wish to acquaint themselves with specific topics, as well as a support tool for trainers.